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Let's work together to make your marketing strategy 
effective, modern and manageable.

Hiring someone to bring your marketing up to speed
can be a great move for your business.
It can also be a
very complex and overwhelming decision.

This is an outline of how we typically approach a new strategy consulting project. If this sounds like what you're looking for, fill out the form at the bottom of this page to request a free consultation and project proposal.          

Here are 3 basic phases of work
in a typical marketing strategy project


We'll work with you to be sure we have a good understanding of your market, target audience segments and value proposition as a foundation to any strategy work. This might involve learning from your team, reviewing existing research or conducting new market research to inform our work together.


With research as a guide, we employ design thinking methodology to create many ideas around new marketing solutions. We'll narrow this list down to a handful of the ideas with the highest potential impact for your business to take into concept development and testing.

The goal of this phase is to gain deep understanding into the landscape facing your business and plot a path to where you want to go.


We'll design some small, low-risk tests to prove the concepts that have been developed previously before making any investments into large rollouts or scaling up.


Once a winning concept has been proven to be effective at generating real results, we'll develop a plan to scale the concept up for maximum impact. This involves steps like expanding investment in digital advertising or the use of automation technology and AI / machine learning.

The goal of this phase is to take what we've developed conceptually and send it out into the world to make a real impact on your business.


An idea at scale never quite performs like the original concept. We'll use data and analytics to inform adjustments to strategies to ensure that we continue to achieve desired results with as much efficiency as possible.


Once a new marketing strategy solution is working well and delivering desired results, we'll work with you on a plan to either hand off the ongoing management to your team (so that you don't have to continue to pay fees unnecessarily) or to establish a new relationship that gives you the support you ned to ensure that the work we've done for you continues to deliver results far into the future.

The goal of this phase is to set you on a course for long-term growth based on a strategy with proven results.

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